Vikram Sinha

President Director & CEO, Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison (IOH)

Vikram is a global telecom executive with experience across Asia and Africa. Before his appointment as President Director & CEO of IOH, Vikram served as Director & Chief Operating Officer at Indosat Oordeoo since 2019. Vikram has served as CEO of Ooredoo Myanmar (2017- 19) and Ooredoo Maldives (2014-17). He also served as COO of Bharti Airtel Ltd. Congo (2014) and the Managing Director of Bharti Airtel India (2005-12).

In his roles, Vikram spearheaded the turn-around of operations to establish Ooredoo as a significant market player in the Maldives, Mynamar and Indonesia. Vikram also serves as a Board member in Ooredoo Maldives, Ooredoo Oman and Ooredoo Myanmar, and a Board of Commissioner for Lintasarta, a subsidiary of Indosat Ooredoo. He started his career at major companies such as Coca Cola Ltd. and Star TV India.