Glenn Estrella

Head of Ideation and Acceleration, 917Ventures, Globe Group

Glenn Estrella is currently the Head for Ideation and Acceleration at 917 Ventures, which is the coporate venture builder of the Globe Group. He leads a team of EiRs (Entrepreneur-in-Residence) and Venture Builders that ideates, validates, and accelerates startups to be the next Unicorn of the group.

As a senior leader of the Globe Group, Glenn also holds several key positions with it’s various tech companies such as M360, Inc., Slyce Digital, Inc. and GoLearn, Inc. where he serves as the President of these companies. Glenn is also strategically placed as a Board-of-Director across several other tech companies of the Globe Group. Prior to working at 917 Ventures, Glenn served as Senior Vice President of the Digital Ventures Group under the Office of the CEO where he drove digital novation for internal and commercial use.