Kazufumi Nagasawa

Managing Director & Chief Content Officer, Hulu Japan

Kazufumi (Kaz) Nagasawa is senior managing director and chief content officer at HJ Holdings, which owns and operates Hulu Japan. Kaz oversees all content and marketing activities for the service, including content acquisition and production of original series as well as online and offline marketing for customer acquisition and retention. He also has a leading role in strategic planning and managing partnerships. Kaz joined Hulu Japan as the head of content and distribution in May 2011 before the service launched as the first pure SVOD platform in Japan, and has been the driving force for the company to establish key partnerships with both content and device partners. He played a material role in the transition of the ownership of the company from Hulu LLC to Nippon TV in 2014. Kaz began his entertainment career at Disney’s Buena Vista Home Entertainment where he joined as the director of sales and marketing of live action films, and he expanded his responsibilities to cover content acquisition and local production for the studio.

Hulu Japan is a leading online video streaming service offering movies, drama, animation and variety shows. Unlimited access to over 100,000 programs at a fixed monthly rate. Alongside overseas dramas premiering in Japan under “Hulu Premiere” branding and originally produced shows under “Hulu Original” branding, Hulu’s wide-ranging line-up includes on-demand viewing of catch-up episodes from popular TV series, live music streaming, and a broad range of other Hulu Japan exclusive content. An extensive live streaming is also available. Hulu Japan members and non-members can enjoy access to Hulu Store, offering PPV titles. At Hulu Store, customers can rent or purchase recently released movies, the latest seasons of overseas drama series, and more.