Manoj Punjabi

Founder & CEO, MD Pictures An MD Entertainment Company

Manoj Punjabi founded one of Indonesia’s leading media companies MD Entertainment. He has single handedly popularized the horror genre with the all-time highest grossing Indonesian movie film “KKN Di Desa Penari” with over 10 million viewers. From his small beginnings producing Indonesian Sinetrons such as “Cinta Fitri” he persevered in the film industry until he had his first taste of commercial success with “Ayat-Ayat Cinta”. He subsequently followed up with movies like ”Habibie & Ainun” and “Danur”. During the pandemic, he was able to pivot MD Entertainment to partner with OTT platforms, developing projects like “Layangan Putus” and “My Lecture, My Husband”. Now MD Entertainment produces movies for both the big and smaller screens while Manoj Punjabi stands as the Top 50 Richest in Indonesia by Forbes.

MD Pictures Tbk is the largest film company in Indonesia, being the first national film company listed in the IDX (Indonesia Stock Exchange) with integrated data management. MD has won various awards in the Indonesian film industry. Our vision is for the stories we tell to inspire, and find a place in the homes, hearts and memories of audiences worldwide. Our mission is to be a front-runner in the local film industry and launch global advancement through innovation, collaboration, and a consistent production of high value films.