Key Themes

The Future of Streaming Video

Streaming and its many acronyms including SVOD, AVOD, BVOD and FAST, is the future of TV. But investors are nervous and consumer fatigue is growing amidst an overcrowded market, an industry awash with poor quality content and a global recession. How does the sector evolve from here? What will be the role of content curation, capital efficiency, consolidation, re-bundling with new pricing strategies, multi-category services, advertising and other new revenue streams?

Local Content Ecosystems & The Creative Economy

US content, Korean dramas and Japanese anime drive premium video viewership across APAC. Production values in China, Indonesia, India, Japan and Thailand continue to improve. How do emerging large local markets develop sustainable creative economies similar to that of US and Korea? What are the key catalysts and what will be the future trends across scripted and unscripted content and key sub genres?

The Advertising Market

The advertising market continues to face macro headwinds structural shifts over 2023. Will TikTok continue to outgrow broader digital ad spend? How will new global and local AVOD services (including SVODs with ads) compete for ad dollars in key markets? Are digital budget allocations shifting to retail media and what concerns exist over the maturity of the digital ad sector?

Retail Media

As retailers use their customer data to drive online advertising to new scale, how big is the addressable market globally and in Asia ex China? Where will the budgets come from and will retail media further disrupt existing TV and online ad budgets? Who are the major beneficiaries?

The AI Opportunity

What are the implications for streaming as AI helps solve problems around customer acquisition and retention, viewership, cost rationalization, content creation and ad monetisation? How can AI tools be used to drive marketing, personalisation and recommendations for digital and social media platforms? And, as the metaverse starts to take shape in the future, how does AI play a role in developing 3D worlds and supporting brands as they strive to monetise in immersive virtual environments?

CTV Conquers All

Connected TV (CTV) penetration is growing across all major global and emerging markets, offering consumers a combination of linear and VOD streaming services. How is CTV driving brand safe reach for advertisers while also offering defined segments with household and individual attribution and more precise targeting? What is the upside for broadcasters & streaming platforms?

Aggregation & Bundling

Global internet platforms, telcos and pay-TV operators continue to develop video aggregation and online subscription channels to engage and grow consumers who want everything they watch in one place. How are key players solving problems for consumers including buying and managing video apps; single points of billing and customer service; optimized content search and recommendations; and seamless integration and user experience?

The Engagement Game

Massive audiences are being created through gaming with the majority of today’s consumers having grown up gaming while penetration across the 18-34 demo is huge. This consuming constituency is vital for media & entertainment companies to embrace – how are companies responding with respect to investment, content IP, cross platform strategies and more? What are the potential opportunities?

The Future of Connectivity

Mobile players are going back to the basics of providing simple connectivity offerings and leveraging unrivalled daily billing and customer care relationships in forging partnerships and growing the relationship with their customers. How is this strategy playing out in key markets? What about the role of fibre broadband and 5G and opportunities across commerce, content, gaming and payment? What about threats from satellite broadband?


How will betting, commerce, data, content marketing and gaming drive awareness, engagement, monetisation and growth for sports rights owners? Is the market for TV and online sports media maturing with a potential ceiling on rights fees in some markets and a recalibration in others?

Movies & Theatrical

How has movie storytelling evolved post pandemic, what are the latest trends in windowing and the ability to draw talent vis-a-vis OTT & TV? How quickly can box office return to pre-pandemic levels especially as key players go back to basics and return to theatrical distribution for key titles? What are the new business economics?

Investment Trends

Fear & greed from the ongoing economic cycle has resulted in several mergers & acquisitions and new strategic collaborations. Once disrupting start-up companies have become distressed investment opportunities. In a rising interest rate environment, will pools of capital from established cash cow businesses make a difference in the future competitive landscape? Where do investors see value in the redrawing of the TMT sector?