Staying the Course

As vaccine rollout gains pace in developed Asian markets and the region benefits from U.S. tailwinds, economic recovery will gather momentum over 2021-22. Covid-19 remains a major risk with waves of infections and mutations. This risk and the uncertainty around inflation will ensure near-term volatility. How do economists and investors view the macro landscape? Which markets will benefit the most and how long will the road to sustainable recovery be?

The Arms Race for Content

The race for premium content continues to drive deals in the TMT industry and help global and local streaming video platforms win market share, drive engagement, develop recurring customers and limit churn. What kind of M&A activity and partnerships can we expect in the future as key local & global players seek to grow scale? How will the current cycle of competitive intensity in video impact the value of premium entertainment and sports franchises and various content libraries? We gauge views from a variety of stakeholders including content owners, operators and investors.

Winning Battles in the Streaming Wars

How are key platforms using content, pricing, bundles, partnerships and marketing to retain and grow customers across key Asia Pacific markets? We highlight insights from global and regional platforms as well as case studies from key local markets including Australia, China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia.

Super Aggregation

What are the insights from operators and platforms aggregating VOD, live TV services and new products to customers across APAC? What consumer trends are emerging? How are technologies being used to integrate, personalize and drive content discovery for the customer?

Growth of the Creator Economy

Decentralization and democratization of content creation through online connectivity has deepened the creator economy with the ecosystem further strengthening through the Covid-19 pandemic. What do sustainable creator ecosystems look like in large local markets? How are key players using AI-powered technologies to identify social video creators, build new audiences and drive new revenue streams? Which platforms and monetization models will win favor with creators over time?

Professionally Generated Content and the Future of AVOD

Other than YouTube, AVOD-only platforms featuring professionally generated content have yet to scale. CPMs remain low compared to TV. Is this just a fact to adjust to or are CPMs expected to rise as connected TV advertising opportunities grow? Will rising CPMs provide respite for AVOD platforms or is freemium the elegant solution for transitioning users to SVOD? Could bundling TV with online be the optimal route forward for much of Asia?

Telco Catalysts & Beyond

The telecoms sector is broadly benefiting from connectivity demand and increased consolidation with 5G adoption potentially driving more value creation. We hear from senior management at leading operators across key geographies to find out what catalysts across consumer, enterprise and other key verticals will drive pricing power for telcos in equity markets.

Future of Sports

Ahead of the next round of bidding for key sports franchises including EPL football and IPL cricket and a host of tennis, golf, motor racing and MMA rights, how are media owners and rights owners adjusting to macro volatility, secular shifts in content distribution and monetization and new market opportunities?

MENA media trends

As streamers, pay-TV operators and FTA channels jostle for a share of eyeballs and wallets in the MENA region, how is the content ecosystem evolving? Meanwhile, after a long hiatus, as major sports events make their way back to the calendar with Qatar set to host the 2022 World Cup, how are MENA operators balancing and developing sports and entertainment portfolios?

The Rise of Storytelling

Drama is Asia’s most popular genre. Despite a difficult environment, production values and storylines are upgrading across the region. What is driving the improvement? What role has OTT played? Are costs increasing too and if so, will the ecosystem ultimately be supportive?

Positioning Theatrical for the Future

The pandemic has shuttered theaters around the region with box office revenues down 75-90% in 2020 with a soft 2021 expected. Windows are under pressure and exhibitor balance sheets stripped of cash. How are best in breed exhibitors positioning themselves for the future?

Policy Boundaries for Video Competition

How are key markets in Asia approaching the regulation of the online video sector with emphasis on content and distribution and other key issues that could impact investment in the creative economy and determine the growth of SVOD and AVOD.


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