Key Themes

Media Macros: The Long & Short View

APOS takes the pulse of key APAC markets, providing an outlook on advertising and consumer spending across media with discussions on key drivers & challenges along with secular shifts.

Streaming’s Sustainability

2022 will help investors and industry stakeholders assess the scalability of streaming with a laser focus on the sustainability of customer growth, monetisation and the path to profitability. APOS brings global and local perspectives into sharper focus.

Valuations & Investor Expectations

TV remains profitable with low growth while streaming is rapidly growing but unprofitable. What is the inflection point for streaming and the outlook for long-term cash generation? What are the various approaches towards valuations of pure play streamers, companies in transition and other proxies?

Growth of Premium Asian Content

Korean dramas and Japanese anime drive nearly 40% of premium online video consumption across the region. Production values in Thailand, Indonesia and other markets continue to improve as budgets increase and broadcasters recoup investments across TV and online. What is the future forecast? Will Korean dramas continue to dominate? Can Japanese anime and other genres grow share? What is the outlook for local dramas in-country and regionally?

Metaverse Impact

New applications are being pioneered to drive consumer experiences with growing use cases across gaming, movies, music, TV content and social connectivity. What will be the impact on consumer engagement and the development of new media franchises?

Battle for the Living Room

The growth of smart TVs along with the proliferation of video services has driven demand for aggregation with emphasis on customer simplicity, improved content search & discovery and efficient payment. 2022 will see competition for the living room escalate amongst internet & technology giants and telcos & pay-TV operators. What does customer success look like in key markets and what compelling use cases are emerging?

Scalability of Premium AVOD

TV broadcasters and regional platforms are capitalizing on CTV growth, local IP and attractive demos to help shape the premium AVOD market in major Asia Pacific markets. How are the dynamics playing out amongst key stakeholders and what will drive future growth?

Expanding the Creator Economy

What are the latest innovations and emerging technologies expanding the creator economy as platforms and advertisers look to next gen content creators to reach new audiences and build engagement? How are key platforms investing in monetization engines and unique platform features to drive new revenue streams that sustain creator ecosystems internationally and in large local markets in APAC?

Recalibration of Sports

Rights fees experienced a correction after pandemic-induced lockdowns in 2020-21; is market demand returning to pre-Covid levels and if so, which markets and franchises are benefiting and which lag? How are distribution dynamics and drivers changing with the growth of online video?

Telco State of Nation

5G and mobile consolidation is driving telco strategy and investor focus across key markets. What catalysts across consumer, enterprise and other key verticals will drive value creation for telcos in 2022 and beyond?

New Normal for Movies

2022 box office is still relatively depressed in most markets. When will demand snap back and what role will streaming continue to play? How are exhibitors, studios and production houses positioning themselves? How are investors reacting?

Optimizing Content and the Video Experience

How are new technologies helping platforms optimize customer experiences across content and connectivity? What applications are helping companies thrive in a highly competitive video landscape with content personalization, targeted advertising and the overall consumer experience?


India’s Turning Point
India has shown macroeconomic resilience as it emerges from the peaks and troughs of a devastating pandemic. The government’s supply-side push through reforms and easing of regulations have helped bolster the economy’s productive capacity. As the pandemic effect wanes, pent-up consumer demand has set India on course for a major economic rebound.

A Billion Connected Screens
The rapid acceleration in consumer adoption of new digital technologies remains unabated. With a billion connected screens, India’s young consumers have disposable income and the willingness to adopt new digital platforms and services. With this significant opportunity, how are global internet majors, new investors, and emerging local platforms competing to super serve the consumer across connectivity, content, payments, and commerce?

Policy Catalysts
How are policymakers approaching regulation across content, censorship, distribution, data security, and other key issues that could define the growth potential and investment in the digital economy?

Investing in Digital India
Sectoral reforms have reignited global investment interest in India, with FDI reaching a record high of US$82 bil. in FY21. 24 Indian start-ups entered the Unicorn Club in 2021 with first ever health-tech, social commerce, and crypto unicorns. India’s young demographic dividend offers scale while the consumer shift from push to pull has improved unit economics of new age start-ups. What are the sectors and trends that are drawing investor attention? How big is the pot of gold as India’s digital economy goes into hyperdrive?

Pay-TV – Catering to India and Bharat
India’s US$10 bil. pay-TV industry continues to offer scale as broadcasters and operators assume new avatars to serve audiences in emerging connected TV metro markets and an expanding footprint of free-to-air in rural India. How are market incumbents evolving through the shifts in consumption and delivery?

Online Video – The Shape of Future Growth
More Indians subscribed to SVOD services through the pandemic than ever while video continues to grow share in the expanding digital advertising pie. Key streamers are doubling down on local content while leveraging sports, movies and aggressive consumer pricing to drive growth. Market majors and leaders shed light on key trends across evolving business models, access, content creation and distribution as well as the impact on industry economics.

Sports – The Golden Ticket to Scale?
The upcoming renewal of marquee IPL cricket rights has the potential to change the video landscape. Will the owners of the new rights cycle be able to justify the economics while expanding the sports ecosystem?

Making an Indian Content Connection
Content has regained prominence as competition and regulations have shifted the equation from distribution push to consumer pull. Technology is fostering new content formats in India’s creator economy. What are the consumer trends and economics for building successful franchises in a market with a strong affinity for local content?

Built for India, Built for the World
From Netflix’s mobile plan to Jio’s ‘Made in India’ 5G tech stack, solutions built for India are exportable to the world. India is recognized as a testbed for global internet majors, but also home to a talented pool of best-in-class entrepreneurs and technology start-ups building home grown solutions applicable to the world. What are the innovations and solutions in the works in India today that will define global media and tech tomorrow?

Beyond Video: New Consumer Use Cases and the Attention Economy
The attention economy has expanded the scope of creators to new consumer tech industries. The free flow of capital has accelerated growth for players in E-sports, online gaming, EdTech, streaming music and video. Industry leaders highlight emerging trends and opportunities in these sunrise sectors.

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Manu Sood

CEO, DTH Business

Airtel, Manu Sood

Manu Sood

CEO, DTH Business

Manu has been with Airtel since 2012 as has held several leadership roles across business verticals. In March 2014, he took over the role of Hub CEO – Upper North handling a INR 5000 crore revenue portfolio across Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and J&K circles. In October 2021, he was appointed as CEO – DTH Business for Airtel. Prior to Airtel, Manu worked with Hindustan Unilever as General Manager North India, handling Rs 7000 crore worth of business across product lines.

Airtel is India’s largest integrated communications solutions provider. Airtel’s retail portfolio includes high speed 4G/4.5G mobile broadband, Airtel Xstream Fiber that promises speeds up to 1 Gbps with convergence across linear and on-demand entertainment, streaming services spanning music and video, digital payments and financial services. Airtel’s DTH business reaches 18 million households in India.