Tim Jung*

Founder & CEO, XL8

Tim Jung is the founder and CEO of XL8, the only machine translation company specializing in media & entertainment content. Prior to XL8, Tim was a Software Engineer and a TLM (Tech Lead and Manager) at Google, leading and managing software engineers and ML researchers, successfully launching multiple NLP-based (Natural Language Processing) Search features including Events Search, Events Data in Knowledge Graph, and Personal Search. At Samsung Electronics, he has led the UI framework team, successfully launching Tizen, a Linux-based platform for mobile devices. At Columbia University where he earned his PhD in Computer Science, he studied optimizing distributions of computations across heterogenous devices to offer a testbed for AI applications.

XL8 accelerates translations of vast amounts of data and content. It is cost efficient and increases our clients content speed to market. The company has built a machine translation engine that’s based on optimized data from the OTT subtitles. XL8’s translation solution specializes in colloquial translation for movies and dramas.

*Speaker at the APOS CEO Forum on Sept.26 (invitation only)