Vijay Sajja

Founder & CEO, Evergent

As the Founder and CEO of Evergent Technologies, Inc., Vijay Sajja has been responsible for driving the product vision, customer experience and deeply valued company culture for the software firm since its inception. Sajja, a true serial entrepreneur with more than two decades of global business and technology leadership experience, saw a particular need in the market for a platform to help digital service providers launch and expand their business with millions of users globally. In response to that need, Sajja hand-picked a world-spanning, cross-functional team to develop an expansive suite of products that constitute the Evergent platform today. Sajja and his Evergent team have created the most robust and scalable set of subscriber and partner management solutions in the industry.

Sajja previously founded and led Infotech Solutions, a technology services company offering large-scale back office-front office integration solutions for a host of well-known service organizations including AT&T, TCI, Echostar and Qwest. In Evergent, the third business helmed by Sajja in a never-ending pursuit of innovation, education and big-picture thinking, he has taken particular pride in an ability to meld the best of Silicon Valley and best of India to establish a value-infused culture of collaboration and customer-first thinking. Sajja, who personally oversees customer relationships among other aspects of the business, has instilled a belief in everyone that has translated to each customer engagement as a true partnership. Evergent products and personnel help both traditional and next-generation digital service providers spanning the globe transform from traditional legacy systems with ease to attract and retain millions of new users. Or, as Sajja has stated more simply as the guiding company goal, “We help our customers grow.”