Yoo Kwi Sun

Founder & CEO, BY4M

Mr. Yoo is a former professional football player in the K3 League which is the third-highest division of the South Korean football league. After retired as a football player, he started a self-employed business in telemarketing and online digital marketing in his 20s. And then he joined an IT venture company named ‘Nrise’ which was one of his former clients, and planned a successful social network service and marketing campaign successfully. After going through all of this experience, he decided to change his career path to entrepreneur and launched his own marketing agency named ‘BY4M Studio’ in 2017.

After running a marketing agency business for two years with many achievements in various industries, he actively expanded his own brand and contents business from the third year. As a result, he achieved more than 150 billion won in revenue in its sixth year and still continues to grow the business rapidly every year.

Mr. Yoo has been recognized for his business achievements in the market and has consistently attracted investment from Korean major investors. As the founder and CEO of the BY4M Studio, he leads key decisions and delivers top-notch performance across the entertainment, film, publishing, and commerce industries.

For now, based on the founder’s capability and solid teamwork, BY4M Studio is recognized as one of the leading companies that operate aggregated contents and commerce business based on new media with OSMU strategies.